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Pinball Top 100 - April 12, 2017



  • Medieval Madness - Williams, 1997
  • The Big Lebowski - Dutch Pinball, 2016
  • Twilight Zone - Bally, 1993
  • Monster Bash - Williams, 1998
  • Attack From Mars - Bally, 1995
  • Lord of the Rings - Stern, 2003
  • The Addams Family - Bally, 1992
  • Indiana Jones, Pinball Adventure - Williams, 1993
  • Metallica - Stern, 2013
  • AC / DC - Stern, 2012

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Not many independent arcade titles have found their way to the spotlight of mass distribution and even fewer have been able to get picked up by a major game manufacturer. So with that in mind, it is noteworthy what has happened with the following story – Raw Thrills Inc. has joined forces with the creators of the independently made Killer Queen Arcade to bring the game to the wider audience of the arcade market.

If you need a refresher, Killer Queen Arcade was released back in 2014 and stood out for being a 10 player (5v5) joystick arcade title.  The game concept itself had started out as a real world/physical game that the creators felt would work best as an arcade title.



Sega is bringing back the classics with a new version of Daytona, the classic arcade racer from the '90s! The game will feature brand new tracks, new cars and new game modes, but it doesn't hesitate to recognize the nostalgia some guests may have for the original. All three of the original games' race tracks have been remastered for the 21st century. The new machines will be available in early 2017!

 The cabinet houses a 47" LED monitor, is lit from top to bottom and has an engine molded below the seat. A live game camera takes bragging and competing with friends to a new level, while also supplying the 27" video billboard marquee with fun content for spectators. Up to eight of the machines can be linked for group play.






50 Best Arcade Cabinets of All Time

by: -RoG- and Dr. Boogie at

Seeing classic arcade game machines lined up next to each other is an easy way to have a wave of nostalgia smack you in the face harder than a hurled barrel compliments of Donkey Kong himself. It brings you back to a time when games were simple, fun, and fairly cheap to play for the most part. Whether it was laughing at how all the enemies bullets traveled 75% slower than your own or enjoying the cheesy digitized voices, there's no denying the classic games had something special.

But there is something about arcade games that we don't think gets enough credit. While everybody has their picks for the best games, most people don't give too much thought about the artistry that was put into the cabinets which held these games. It is with that in mind that I-Mockery is paying tribute to what we consider to be the The 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets In Video Game History! Keep in mind, this list isn't ranking the games themselves, but the unique designs for the cabinets and cockpits which encased them. Chances are, you'll see some games on here that you've never even heard of, and that's likely because some of them sucked more than E.T. on the Atari 2600. But hey, at least their outer shell designs were damned nice to look at! Furthermore, if there are some games you feel should be on the list, let us know and we might eventually add them!

#50: Space Invaders

Nobody can deny the desire to pop a quarter into this ol' machine should they be lucky enough to spot it. The inviting drawings on this cabinet helped catch people's attention and made Space Invaders hugely successful. What's nice is how some of the artwork on the faceplate actually bleeds into the screen area. At first glance you might think that it would be distracting but it's not. It just helps draw you into the game that much more. And let's be honest, it's a very simple game and it's not like the artwork would be covering up some vital detail anyway. Another noteworthy thing is that there is no joystick on this cabinet, the left & right movement controls are all buttons, just like the fire button.

#49: Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles tried a couple different things with this colorfully decorated cabinet. Most arcade games used joysticks for moving the player around, especially when movement is limited to the four cardinal directions, along with their four half-and-half cousins. Not Crystal Castles, though; the designers decided that the player should have to use a trackball to navigate the grid-like mazes in the game. It's an ingenious way to make your game seem unique, while simultaneously drawing extra cash out of the customer by causing a lot of cheap game overs. The game also came in a cocktail-style cabinet, in case you could convince someone else to join you in getting screwed out of your quarters. Hey, at least the trackball was backlit. That's cool, right?

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