Frequently Asked Questions

What does a fully restored game mean?
These are original, restored, classic arcade games. Each game is restored to nearly new condition from the wiring to the buttons and monitor. Just as you remember them in the arcades, they are full size, and can be over 300 pounds. Great for that authentic arcade atmosphere in your game room.
We take great detail and pride in restoring our games to make them look and play just like you remember, while taking preventative maintenance measures to ensure reliability. We install new monitors and new power supplies in our games, new artwork on games and ensure that all the little things are addressed (such as lights, cabinet finishing, t-molding, bezels, leg levelers and coin doors refinished).

What is a 60 in 1 multi-game board?
New 60 games in 1 Multi-Jamma arcade game circuit board is the future. This boardset plays 60 different classic games on the same board and is designed for Jamma cabinets with a vertical monitor. Boardset supports CGA monitors (standard arcade monitors) as well as VGA monitors.

This board includes joystick connections and up to three buttons as well as trackball support for trackball games. Note that trackball support is not available for cocktail table mode. The complete game list includes:

1942 Donkey Kong Junior Millipede Scramble
1943 Frogger Moon Cresta Shao-Lin’s Road
Amidar Galaga Mr Do’s Castle Space Invaders
Arkanoid Galaga 3 Mr. Do! Space Panic
Bomb Jack Galaxian Ms. Pac-Man Super Breakout
Burger Time Gyruss New Rally X Super Cobra
Centipede Hustler Pac-Man Super Pacman
Crush Roller Jr. Pac-Man Pac-Man Plus Tank Battalion
Dig Dug Juno First Pengo Time Pilot
Dig Dug 2 King & Balloon Phoenix Van-Van Car
Donkey Kong Ladybug Pinball Action Xevious
Donkey Kong 3 Mappy Qix Zaxxon

How can you ship an arcade game?
We suggest using North American Van Lines to ship arcade games because of the past experience we have had and also they take the time to wrap your game and make sure it’s covered before it leaves our warehouse. To get a quote call 877-432-COIN and give them our shipping zip code of 80221.

What is revenue sharing?
For some business locations the most cost effective way to generate an additional stream of revenue is with arcade game and coin-op equipment revenue sharing. All of the equipment we supply is either new or fully reconditioned and is in perfect working order. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance and will promptly respond to any problems or malfunctions. We can supply a single game or enough to fill an arcade. We know what mix of equipment works best in what locations.
Our revenue sharing programs are tailored to each business on an individual basis and we allocate a percentage of the revenue to you, the business owner. Learn more about revenue sharing here.

Why Use a professional operator?

  1.     No Capital Outlay By You. A professional operator will assume 100 percent of the risk associated with the entertainment devices in your premises.
  2.     Save More Money – When your equipment breaks down at 10pm, Friday night, you’ve got someone to call. An Operator has both the expertise and parts to in stock to get your machines back up and running fast. No on-going expenses and fewer headaches for you.
  3.     Tap Into Expertise and Experience. A professional operator knows how to maximize the ROI from entertainment devices placed in locations like yours.
  4.     Provide Access to that Hot New Game – Operators know about the latest profit making equipment and have a relationship with the suppliers that can get you the newest machines fast.
  5.     Customized Plans and Rotating Machines – Operators have the equipment and knowledge to know what works and rotating in new games, keeps your layout fresh and inviting. That  helps attract new customers, and more importantly, keeps existing patrons in your establishment longer.
  6.     Profit Through Promotion - A professional operator can help organize and implement events, tournaments, leagues and other special activities that drive traffic to your establishment.
  7.     Free Up Your Time – The experience and expertise of a professional operator frees you up to concentrate on your core business and who couldn’t use a little more free time?!

Do we sell arcade games?
From time to time we sell our games and they range from classic arcade games from the 80’s to the newer games such as Buck Hunter World and Golden Tee. Please call 877-640-3890 or email us if you have a certain game you looking for.

Do we sell arcade game parts?
We do not sell arcade game parts. You can call Game Exchange of Colorado to buy game specific parts.

Do we operate games in other states besides Colorado?
We currently only supply games to establishments in Colorado.