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Started from the ground up - we are a story of "lemons into lemonade"


those are the three ingredients in our lemonade

Mile High Arcade has very humble beginnings and the love for arcade games started outside of Chicago, IL in the 1980’s. As a child I would stop by Aladdin’s Castle with a small pocket full of quarters and the latest games like Dragon’s Lair, Galaga, Gauntlet and Star Wars would put me in a state of bliss. Put in a quarter and grab the controls to another world with your best friends. Fast forward 25 years to Denver, Colorado and I purchased my first arcade game for the home game room and I was hooked all over again. I started this business in my garage and purchased more and more games and put games on location for the community to enjoy. Here we are running a small business in the great state of Colorado and not only do we have the classic arcade machines that started it all but we have the latest high tech games rolling off the factory lines coming to Denver for you to enjoy at your local pub or your next event. We take our fun business very serious and we appreciate all of your business and trust you have shown us.
~Andrew, owner